Abstracts Track 2023

Area 1 - Security, Privacy and Trust

Nr: 4

Information Security in Online Learning Platforms: Student Perceptions After Covid-19


Thiru Pandian

Abstract: This paper reviews various articles regarding information and multimedia security challenges in E-learning environments. Conducted a case study to understand student perceptions of security in online Learning platforms and how to safeguard personal and intellectual content from cybersecurity attacks. E-learning is one of the leading education methods used in learning environments, primarily because it brings the learning community together irrespective of where the student lives and allows them to instantly share their knowledge with anyone through web applications. Adaptation of E-learning has grown exponentially as every educational institution is eager to adopt it while ignoring the challenges related to the security of content it presents through web infrastructure. Increased use of multimedia in online learning provides an enhanced learning experience. As with any other web application, the E-learning platform faces numerous obstacles to safeguarding curriculums' intellectual content from hackers. Securing multimedia in a digital learning environment became paramount as the Covid-19 pandemic required academic institutions to use e-Learning platforms. This study explores students’ perceptions of Information security after covid-19.